Abide Study


Jesus tells us if we want survive and grow, we have to stick close to him. He describes himself as the true vine, and believers as branches. The image is simple- believers have to stay connected to Jesus, being fed essential spiritual nutrients, to spiritually survive. Those nutrients come through the precious gift of his Word (John 15:3). They enable us to bear fruit as Christians; to change and grow and live by faith. So
Jesus tells us to abide in him.

On a weekly basis this can be a challenge:

  • Gathering with the church on Sunday brings us much needed encouragement and instruction.
  • Each week brings its own trials and frustrations to endure.
  • According to one poll, 37% of Americans say they read the Bible once a week. Accounting for Sunday worship, that simply won’t cut it for abiding.
  • If the above statistic is anywhere near right, the average Christian is spiritually starving by Sunday morning.

What is ABIDE?

ABIDE is our new interactive adult Bible study on Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM. The idea is simple: we will study the Bible together. With pastoral guidance, each week we will look together at a passage in the Bible. Together we will make observations, learn something new, and apply the Bible to real life. As you participate you will grow in your personal Bible study skills. Most importantly, you will abide in Christ. Maybe, just maybe, you will go from trying to survive each week, to thriving each week as you abide in Christ. So come on out. Drop your kids off for youth group or girls’ club or stockade. We’ll even order pizza or a salad for you if you don’t have time to prep dinner. Come and join us for prayer at 7 PM. Grab a cup of coffee, bring a notepad or laptop/tablet or whatever, and dig into God’s Word with us. Let’s do more than just survive. Let’s ABIDE!

No Time for Dinner?

Order Ahead Dinner Options:
Pizza – $2.00 per slice
Whole Pie – $10.00
Salad – $3.00 per person

Send your order (Don’t forget to include your name, items) via text or email by 4 PM


Order Ahead Dinner – 6:15 (order by 4 PM)
Prayer and Praise – 7:00 PM
ABIDE study – 7:30 PM